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$50k Per Year

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McMar Motor Club Program

Your club buys parts , you save

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You need the parts anyway why not make the opportunity work for you.

The idea is to put that money that you all would spend separately work in the best interest of the club. You put those pricey would like to have items on your wish list and earn them with your everyday necessities. Plus who doesn’t like free stuff!

DIY Program

The DIY’r does it for the passion and glory. We want to keep that alive by offering ways to finance through Affirm. Give discounts on specialty items and custom orders. Not to mention a live wish list that lets you get parts from your family and loved ones instead of socks and a tie for your birthday!

Women With Wrenches

We love seeing more women join the automotive services industry and to prove it we can a program called Women with Wrenches.

We feature female mechanics all over the country. But we don’t stop there we secret shop garages all over to ensure equal and fair treatment of women and highlight the ones that get our Seal of Approval

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We allow financing of purchases over $250 with Affirm
Anything in your cart is eligible as long as the total is over $250
Affirm specialize in those with challenged credit for these mirco financing situations.

McMar Financing

Get the part you need without breaking the bank